The Lovely Eggs share video for new single ‘Memory Man’

The Lovely Eggs press photo
Photo Credit: Darren Andrews

The Lovely Eggs have returned with a kraut-rock inspired new single + video, Memory Man, featured on their upcoming new album, ‘Eggsistentialism,’ due out May 17 via Egg Records. Watch the video clip for Memory Man via YouTube below.

Charged with a hypnotic, robotic Can-like beat and propelled by a fuzzy, mangled guitar tone, Holly’s vocals hang ethereally over the song’s swirling, mezmerising psychedelia. “I wrote the lyrics and melody to ‘Memory Man’ while driving,” remembers Holly. “It was a bit of a subconscious thought stream connected to what I’d been going through personally at the time. The original melody was slightly different to what it eventually became. It was much slower and had more of a Syd Barrett vibe. Then one day when we were in the studio, David was playing a riff and beat he had recorded but didn’t know what to do with. So, we wondered what would happen if we mixed my melody and lyrics with this kind of really relentless Kraut beat that David had created and that’s how the song came about. Once we knew it would work, we just knew we needed a big robot voice on there, so we put that on and sent it over to Dave Fridmann and he just really liked it and that was that. ‘Memory Man’ was born.” 

For The Lovely Eggs being in a band is a way of life. It’s about art. It’s about creativity and expression. It’s about following your own path and doing things your own way. 

Holly and David operate on their terms, spewing out music, records, art and television shows before piling in the van and tearing round the country to perform a load of live sold-out shows. Once again, the album was recorded by the band at home in Lancaster with production work from Flaming Lips producer Dave Fridmann. They flew to America in December 2023 to mix the album in Fridmann’s studio in upstate New York and the results are without doubt the most expansive, mind-melting ten songs the band have delivered yet. From the twisted, sneering punk rock of opening track Death Grip Kids, to the wistful, stark seven-minute psychedelic beauty of Nothing/Everything, ‘Eggsistentialism’ sees The Lovely Eggs running the full gauntlet of emotions and sounds. 

It’s a bit of a ‘wilderness years’ album,” continues Holly. “We haven’t released a new record since 2020 and in the meantime, we’ve been here fighting shit and trying to defend a right to a lifestyle that we’ve enjoyed here in this town for the last 30+ years- as working musicians who refuse to get a “normal” job and tow the line. It’s about believing in something and not letting go. But that unwillingness to give in ultimately takes its toll. It does start to destroy you and the album is kind of a documentation of that destruction and collapse as well as the strength we’ve got to get through it all. Ultimately, this is a hopeful record about survival.” 

‘Eggsistentialism’ will be released on ltd edition ‘mind green’ green 12” vinyl and CD with more breathtaking/mind boggling artwork by illustrator Casey Raymond. All orders made direct through the band’s website will come with a limited edition signed print of the album artwork, with the first 500 LP copies hand numbered and signed by the band. There will also be an additional 1,000 LPs pressed on transparent blue vinyl with ‘coffee’ splatter exclusively available in independent record shops.

Eggsistentialism Cover artwork

Eggsistentialism’ track listing

01. Death Grip Kids
02. Nothing/Everything
03. Meeting Friends at Night
04. People TV
05. My Mood Wave
06. I Don’t Fucking Know What I’m Gunna Do
07. Memory Man
08. Things
09. Echo You
10. I am Gaia

Pre-order here

Operating in a world when true authenticity is hard to find, The Lovely Eggs are one of the most exciting, innovative and genuine bands around. Welcome to their world. Welcome to Eggland.

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