The Mary Onettes share two new songs ‘Easy Hands’ and ‘Pearl Machine’

The Mary Onettes press photo

Starting out in 2000 as a passionate, yet naïve rock band from the Swedish town of Jönköping, The Mary Onettes have been on a long journey, with a few downhill slopes and a lot of brick walls, but the band have managed to stay together because of their love for music and each other. Although development is crucial for a band one thing has remained the same; the songs. The band revolves around Philip Ekström’s songwriting and although some songs have been stripped down, rebuilt or even thrown away they have kept coming.

The Mary Onettes return with a 2 track single containing the lead single Easy Hands along with the soothing and thoughtful Pearl Machine. These songs return to the dreamy, overcast pop that we’ve come to love from The Mary Onettes while being framed around a deep lyrical storyline.

This is what Ekström says about Easy Hands: “After quite a long time being artistically a bit unsatisfied ‘Easy Hands’ came to life when I realized that making art is really who I am. I can’t escape from it. But In order to keep making art I need to be nice to myself. That’s the core of the lyrics behind ‘Easy Hands'”

Listen to both tracks via YouTube below.

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