The OBGMs blur punk & rap lines with ‘The Outsah Tape’

The OBGMs press photo
Photo credit: Amanda Fotes

The OBGMs, the critically-lauded Canadian punk trio have released a three-song single, dubbed ‘The Outsah Tape’ ( It features remixes by NYC-based BIPOC alt-rock-hip hop band Oxymorrons (333 Wreckords Crew) with The OBGMS’ own Cola H., and Chicago-based rapper femdot. with Clairmont The Second.

“’Outsah’ is my favourite song on The Ends,” explains The OBGMS frontman Densil McFarlane. “We invented the remix on this punk shit. Teaming up with heavy hitters Oxymorrons, femdot., and Clairmont The Second is a dream come true.” Watch the video for Outsah via YouTube below.

The Oxymorrons added: “This is the collaboration you didn’t know you needed! It’s NYC meets The 6! This is international Black Punk Rock Rap shit, baby! Enjoy or you can meet us Outsah!”

The OBGMs released ‘The Ends’ in October, with the 10-song album, which was produced by Dave Schiffman (PUP, Rage Against The Machine), bringing the Toronto-based punk trio to international attention. Brooklyn Vegan said “The OBGMs hold nothing back and are clearly not afraid to write punk songs that sound like they’re built to fill stadiums.” Guitar World described firecracker Densil McFarlane’s approach as “lyrics with the sneer and bulldozing attitude of Keith Morris-era Black Flag, but his riffing and hooks could give even the Billie Joe Armstrong of the world a run for their money,” while Vice said the band “barrel through hook-laden, guitar forward, tracks… it’s like… the Strokes covering The Stooges.”