Thomas D’Arcy announces new solo LP ‘Fooled You Twice’

Thomas D'Arcy

Thomas D’Arcy will release his sophomore solo full-length album, ‘Fooled You Twice,’ the first to receive a U.S. release, March 3 on Thomas D’Arcy Music/Maple Music – pre-order on CD or via iTunes. He has also premiered the video for the first single lifted from the record, All Over Your Face – watch it below via YouTube.

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D’Arcy is probably best known in the U.S. as the mastermind behind the pop outfit Small Sins, who released two albums on Astralwerks, 2006’s self-titled debut, and 2007’s ‘Mood Swings’, followed by a third full-length, ‘Pot Calls Kettle Black’, distributed through Arts & Crafts.

Largely concentrating on soundtrack and commercial work, along with producing a number of Toronto-based artists, D’Arcy followed in 2013 with his first solo LP, ‘What We Want. For ‘Fooled You Twice,‘ D’Arcy wants to reconfirm the faith in the creative possibilities of the three-minute pop song. D’Arcy explained, “My approach has always been trying to exist in this area where pop meets non-pop. I’ve written songs that have been eerie and ambient, and I’ve written songs built around shameless hooks. But the idea I keep coming back to is whenever pop music achieves this apex of creativity and commercial viability at the same time, that’s when it becomes something special. That’s when it becomes great art.”

Fooled You Twice Thomas D'Arcy coverRecorded at D’Arcy’s downtown Toronto studio, Taurus Recording, with a group of old friends, including Sloan’s Andrew Scott, The Stills’ Liam O’Neil and Tim Fletcher, Broken Social Scene’s Justin Peroff, Rusty Matyas (The Sheepdogs/Imaginary Cities) and old Small Sins collaborators Todor Kobakov and Steve Krecklo, D’Arcy credits the collaborative effort as “really kicking me in the ass to create a vision for this record. There was definitely a Traveling Wilburys vibe in the studio.”

Sparking production and infectious melodies are what’s initially attention-grabbing about ‘Fooled You Twice,’ but underneath those elements, the songs are the pure expression of a mature artist, containing the full range of emotions that come with the territory, from doubt and frustration to, ultimately, hope and perseverance.

Track listing:
01. Maybe I’m Wrong
02. My Friends Are The Best
03. All Over Your Face
04. Fooled You Twice
05. Get It From Me
06. If It Feels Right
07. Stronger Tomorrow
08. Part One
09. Right In Front Of Your Face
10. Work It Out

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