Thomas D’Arcy shelves Small Sins and prepares debut solo album

Thomas D'Arcy

Former Small Sins frontman, Thomas D’Arcy (who literally is the nicest guy in music), announced that he will no longer be producing any new material under the name, Small Sins, but instead will be moving on with a solo career. Small Sins released their last album, ‘Pot Calls Kettle Black,’ in late 2010. D’Arcy has spent the first months of 2012 working on his new solo album, which he says is “[his] best to date.” D’Arcy is tentatively calling the new album ‘What We Want’ and hopes to release it late this summer.

Watch the Small Sins video for Why Don’t You Believe Me?

D’Arcy has also been recording cover versions of songs by the legendary 70’s punk group, The Monks. Covers have been recorded of the entire ‘Bad Habits’ LP, featuring classic tracks Drugs In My Pocket, Nice Legs – Shame About the Face and Love In Stereo. The album will feature various Canadian guests rumoured to include Sloan’s Chris Murphy, Limblifter / New Pornographer’s Kurt and Ryan Dahle, Blurtonia / Change of Heart’s Ian Blurton and Doughboy’s John Kastner. The ‘Bad Habits’ cover album is also slated for a summer release.

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