Tired Kid share new song + video ‘Scotch’

Tired Kid
Photo by: Laura-Lynn Petrick

Toronto’s Tired Kid play music inspired by 90s alt rock bands that meet classic bands of the 60s and 70s. Their new song, Scotch, is inspired by walks to coffee shops, friends, the band TOPS, and the scotch they like to drink. Watch the Scotch music video created by Laura-Lynn Petrick on YouTube below.

When they sent the song to director Laura-Lynn Petrick, she had crafted a narrative based on the song itself. Stylistically, they went for 16 mm film and something that looked like it might’ve been shot in the early 70s.

Sip a glass of scotch does it turn you off?

You don’t even have to say

I can tell by the look on your face

Check out more music by Tired Kid here.

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