Tripper and the Wild Things share ‘Boomerang Kids’

Tripper and the Wild Things press photo

Tripper and the Wild Things have shared their new single Boomerang Kids. The track is lifted from the band’s ‘Boomerang Kids’ EP. Listen to the track via SoundCloud below.

Boomerang Kids’ EP was written when Tripper and the Wild Things had just become a full band. Fuelled by fresh, new ideas and the excitement of what’s to come, ‘Boomerang Kids’ deals with coming into your own as a young adult – figuring things out for yourself, discovering who you are and where you’re going.

Hamilton, ON’s Tripper and the Wild Things’ brand of noisy, high energy rock is balanced by melodies that invoke their ‘90s surf rock and alternative roots, with themes of lo-fi ‘80s pop. The four-piece outfit consists of Josh Keillor on vocals and guitar, Eric Tarquinio on bass, James Puntillo on guitar, and Brian MacMahon on drums.

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