Tunic share new single ‘Invalid’

Tunic press photo

Pursuing music can be a form of invalid recreation. You’re extremely proud of yourself and at the same time it feels like a hopeless hobby where you’re putting your body through the ringer.

Tunic’s new track, Invalid, addresses the constant feeling of judgement from your peers, parents, and more importantly yourself. There is a guilt you feel for allowing your adolescent dreams to run your adult life. Listen to the track via SoundCloud below.

This song has evolved through three different versions written between three different lineups. After years away from the song, the band returned to it, diving in and reworking the song to the point where they really felt it was the best song it could be.

Invalid truly represents their thesis on pursuing music. You’re allowed to do music recreationally but once you push it beyond that, it’s frowned upon. People who have more socially acceptable hobbies turn those interests into careers, where you would be laughed out of a bank if a band asked for a loan. Regardless of all that, they are constantly impressed with their bandmates, and the other artists in their community for pursuing this to the fullest. They’ve never felt more fulfilled.

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