Weaves release One Direction cover originally recorded for cancelled RDIO compilation


Weaves were asked by Rdio to record a cover for a compilation to be featured on the streaming service. The band chose to cover One Direction’s Drag Me Down, but after the track was completed, Rdio declared bankruptcy and ceased operations. Now, the band are releasing the track via Soundcloud as an early Christmas present to all of you – high fives all around. Take a listen to and download the Weaves’ take on the track below.


For Weaves singer Jasmyn Burke the song was a more natural choice than it might initially appear. “In what I’m now assuming was one of the streaming service’s last attempts at doing something interesting before shutting down, they had asked us and a group of other artists to pick a song to cover from a list of contemporary music” says Burke, “we chose ‘Drag Me Down’ by One Direction. It might seem like a strange choice, but we are obsessed with pop songs and strong hooks so the challenge was not so much changing everything about the song, but elevating certain parts and adding our own touch so a song meant to appeal to teenage girls would in fact sound like a new Weaves tune. Over the course of one weekend we hibernated in Morgan’s house and pumped out this new version. It’s an infectious song without us but maybe it’s a licentious song with us.” 

Live dates:
12/05 Toronto, ON, Lees’ Palace
07/21-24 Huntington, UK, The Secret Garden Party

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