Western Medication premiere new single ‘Witch Parade’

Western Medication

Nashville rockers Western Medication have shared their new single Witch Parade and you can take a listen via Soundcloud below. The single is lifted from their upcoming LP ‘The Entertainer’s Secret,’ which is out via Funeral Party Records on April 15th.


“DIY pop culture enthusiasts are aware of the addictive allure of Western Medications oeuvre of music. From releases on imprints such as JeffreyDrag, Lou Reed Records, Thee Funeral Party, and more; word has it on good authority that the Nashville quartet of Justin, Josh, Devin, & Kevin have been working on their forthcoming album debut, ‘The Entertainer’s Secret,’ premiering the witching wonder of ‘Witch Parade’. Though the lineup has changed up in the past half-decade of the group’s existence, frontman Justin Landis continues to steer the sound westward toward new continued earworm-hook developments of tonal dimensions, cadences, and creative experimentation.” – Sjimon Gompers, Impose Magazine


Western Medication Witch Parade 7" cover


Witch Parade 7″ track list:

1. Witch Parade
2. Dreams Never End (New Order cover)




The band are hosting an album release party on April 16th @ Queen Ave in Nashville with Penicillin Baby, Meth Dad & Terror Pigeon.

More about Western Medication? Taking cues from 80’s / 90’s UK melody and the raw energy of the early American Hardcore movement, Western Medication are recreating post punk in a new post hardcore era. The title of the record refers to a flame inside that burns because it had no other option but to push forward in fear of returning to a lesser than moment in one’s life.