Whitey releases back catalogue + shares unreleased track ‘Somebody Grab The Wheel’

Whitey press photo

After winning an epic battle to recover his critically acclaimed and highly sought after back catalogue, Whitey has announced that all his albums are now available on streaming, CD and vinyl for the first time via his own NO! Label.

The back catalogue release was launched with the digital release of the celebrated debut The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Is A Train’ and was followed by a new release each fortnight. Most of the albums were never available in high quality before, but they’ve now been polished and in some cases re-mastered.

The complete series of six releases includes the album ‘Now That’s Why I Killed Music’, a collection of rare and unreleased tracks and features Somebody Grab The Wheel. Listen to the track via YouTube below.

A special edition CD and vinyl box sets together with a detailed 85-page booklet will also be available during this time.

Buy now at musicglue.com/whitey.

Something of a musical Banksy, the elusive Whitey is a genre-twisting, time, travelling project by British vocalist, songwriter and multi – instrumentalist NJ White.  To some he is the musician you didn’t know you actually knew and for over a decade he’s built a strange home in the shadows between mainstream entertainment and the vanishing underground with music that’s familiar to millions from TV shows such as Breaking Bad and The Sopranos.

A prominent spokesperson for independent music, his recent letter about ‘fair fees for artists’ was shared 500,000 times; and made Newsweek, The Times, BBC Worldwide and the front editorial of Music Week.

Following the release of the back catalogue, this year will also see the announcement of the release of Whitey’s much – anticipated new double album ‘A Riot On Memory Lane’.