Yore shares debut single ‘Bon Mot’

Yore press photo

Yore is the exciting new release from multi-instrumentalist and producer Callum Brown, who has been a part of the East-London music/art scene for years, previously playing in Mint Field, Josefin Ohrn, Fews, and Ulrika Spacek.

Yore has just shared their debut single Bon Mot featuring Katie Drew of White Flowers. It comes paired with a psychedelic video that sees a fresh spin on a 90s sound, and was created with Vicious Collective’s Andrew Rayner.

Speaking about Bon Mot, Callum said: “I wrote the shell of the idea a few years back, it had quite a 90s guitar feel & energy which I was drawn to upon revisiting it. I just felt I could put a fresh spin on it.I added 808s & arpeggiated synths then tracked live drums – this really brought the song to life. I reached out to Katie from White Flowers as I thought she would be a great match for the track & the first thing she sent me fitted perfectly so it all felt quite seamless! I love the simplicity of it, the pop structure & playfulness of the song.

Watch the video clip for Bon Mot via YouTube below.

Living in the Hackney wick art space known as Vicious Collective, Callum has managed to assemble an eclectic mix of guest artists to feature on the record including Mellah, Nuha Ruby Ra, Black Gold Buffalo, Rakel Leifsdottir of Dream Wife, Katie Drew of White Flowers, Panacea, Rusalka, and Milan Monk of Haha Sounds Collective. The album is a celebration of indie collaboration akin to Broken Social Scene, the “cut and paste” aesthetic of Unkle and King Krule, as well as the dream like nostalgia of Deerhunter and Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Created over several months in Hackney’s Wilton Way Studios, Callum enlisted the help of Ulrika Spacek’s Syd Kemp (Thurston Moore, Vanishing Twin, Spiritualised) to co-produce and record the 10 track album, resulting in a self-titled LP that opens with a wall of shoegaze ascending synths, and closes on a fever dream of delayed guitars and ethereal vocals; the perfect disparate soundtrack to the tumultuous times we live in.

Yore will release his self titled debut album on December 4th via FLAT FIVE Records.

Yore’ track listing

1. Sally Out (ft Mellah & Nuha Ruby Ra)
2. Shade (ft Black Buffalo Gold)
3. Hawing (ft Rakel Leifsdottir)
4. Bon Mot (ft White Flowers)
5. Open Lights (ft Milan Monk)
6. Sol (ft Panacea)
7. Zig Zag (ft Oscar Browne)
8. Inside (ft Této Parvanov)
9. 40/40 (ft Milan Monk)
10. Fever Dreams (ft Rusalka)