York’s four piece Bull fill your heart with ‘Love Goo’

Bull press photo

York’s four-piece Bull have shared their new track Love Goo. The song was recorded in Amsterdam and partially inspired by a TV show that the singer Tom Beer had watched shortly before it was written, the song talks about the space between two people where the truth lies. Bull’s newest creation also hints at the matters of collective consciousness, gender fluidity and the future of peace, love, and understanding.

This new chapter full of “Love Goo” is like an invitation to get to know Bull’s own stream of thoughts, thanks to the song that is bathed in fun audiovisual craftsmanship that this act is known for. With the new release, Bull also treats us to a full blown audiovisual experience – the song is accompanied by a music video made by Kai (bass) who took a bunch of short two-second clips shot on a VHS camera he bought for £9, and upon realising that the
clips match the guitar on the track, they decided to make it official. The video shows Bull on their December tour with Canshaker Pi, in Ijland studio in Amsterdam and then chronologically into April around some UK gigs.

Watch the clip via YouTube below.

Love Goo again proves Bull’s ability to create familiar sounds that can be compared to some of the greatest American and British surfer or alternative rock acts; at the same time, this new creation of theirs highlights exquisite and unique songwriting, making their status as one of the most promising acts on today’s British indie rock scene even more secure.

The secret to Bull’s excellence is also hidden in the fact that their releases have always been supported by relentless gigging, whether local, international or during festivals or showcases like SXSW; it’s no different this time — September will witness them travelling and performing mostly across Northern Europe and the UK, with an opening show in Paris on September 4th.

Live dates

13th – Copenhagen / Swapfiets Bike Shop
15th – Amsterdam / Filmtheater Kriterion
16th – Hasselt // Muziekodroom (with Squid)
17th – Rotterdam / Roodkapje (with Squid)
23rd – Leeds / Hyde Park Book Club (with Spiral Stairs)
24th – Glasgow / Broadcast (with Spiral Stairs)
25th – York / The Crescent (with Say Sue Me & Perspex)
26th – Penrith / Fell Penrith
27th – Manchester / Soup Kitchen (with Spiral Stairs)
28th – London / The Victoria Dalston (with Spiral Stairs)