Zoon shares new single + video for ‘Help Me Understand’

Zoom press photo
Photo credit: Vanessa Heins

Zoon has shared the second single titled Help Me Understand, which is lifted from his debut LP, ‘Bleached Wavves’.

(The track) is from a short story/poem I wrote about an unknown First Nations protagonist who lives homeless on Vancouver Island,” Monkman says. “While homeless, they become very ill, while no help is to be found, they accept death and while on their last moments, they’re greeted by the creator who welcomes them into the heart of the sun.”

Help Me Understand is available now at all DSPs. Watch the video clip for the single via YouTube below.

The debut album from Zoon, ‘Bleached Wavves’ will be out via Paper Bag Records on June 19, 2020. The name Zoon is derived from the Ojibway word Zoongide’ewin which means “bravery, courage, the Bear Spirit” and aptly describes the inspirations for the project and the lovingly crafted first full-length recording from aboriginal songwriter, Daniel Monkman.

‘Bleached Wavves’ is a 10-track, album document of what has been cheekily-coined as “moccasin-gaze” – and in part, a culmination of Daniel’s First Nations heritage coupled with his love of the shoegaze genre – arguably best exemplified by the Dublin-born, Kevin Sheilds helmed late 80’s + early 90’s band, My Bloody Valentine whose timeless LP, ‘Loveless‘ being one that changed everything for Daniel. Zoon embraces a similar effects-laden sound with a distinctive and new approach on his debut. While recording, Daniel faced the challenge of limited gear and creating everything in his bedroom using only using only a Fender Deville guitar and a DigiTech delay pedal which resulted in him employing some decidedly creative, reverse engineering and recording techniques.

Bleached Wavves’ track listing
1. Clouded Formation 
2. Vibrant Colours 
3. Was & Always Will Be 
4. Bleached Wavves
5. BrokenHead 
6. A Perfect Sunset, Ahead 
7. Light Prism 
8. Landscapes 
9. Infinite Horizons 
10. Help Me Understand