VHS Or Beta release dub version of ‘Diamond & Death’

VHS or Beta’s forthcoming album Diamonds & Dub is a dub style reworking of their 2011 release Diamonds & Death. VHS or Beta enlisted DJ/producer Jacques Renault (Holy Ghost, YACHT, Midnight Magic) and engineer/remixer Mark Verbos (Fischerspooner, The Gossip, Gang of Four) to create dub versions for seven of the original album’s 9 tracks. Diamonds & Dub is due out on May 8 via Krian Music Group.

The dub album idea was conceived when Mark Palgy (from VHS or Beta) met Jacques Renault, who DJing in Brooklyn bar Commodore. Palgy explains, “The idea of dub versions began in the late 70s and early 80s. Artists began seeking extended 12″ mixes of their songs to be played in nightclubs. And usually one side of the 12 inch had a ‘dub version’ which was a little less vocal and usually a bit spacier due to echoes made from spring reverbs and cool studio effects. So rather than get people to do more traditional remixes as we know them today – we decided this time around to try something that hasn’t been done in a little while.”

MP3: VHS Or Beta – Diamonds And Dub

Check out VHS or Beta live on tour!
5/3 – Cambridge, MA @ T.T. The Bears
5/5 – Durham, NH @ University Of New Hampshire
5/10 – Columbus, OH @ The Basement
5/11 – Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle
5/12 – Lexington, KY @ Buster’s Billiards & Backroom
5/17 – New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom

The Rapture Release How Deep Is Your Love? Remixes

The Rapture have released the remixes of their “How Deep Is Your Love” single which includes a remix,“Dub for Mehdi,” a reworking by A-Trak. It is a very fitting head nod to A-Trak’s long-time friend, late producer DJ Mehdi, whose recent death came as a huge loss and shock for the dance music community. The Montreal born DJ remembers how the single was influenced by Mehdi before his passing.

“When I was close to finishing [this remix], I played it to my friend, the irreplaceable DJ Mehdi. I was working on the main version of the remix, the vocal version. I knew I would make a few alternate edits during the mixdown. The funny thing was, Mehdi’s favorite part was the ending! He…suggested that I have that part come in earlier. My reaction was: that would work well for the dub version. And sure enough, when I finished mixing it down I made a dub with [his] suggestion. When I sent it to Mehdi shortly after, he responded (as a joke) that I should call it “Dub For Mehdi.” This one’s for you Memed.”

The Populette remix takes up the b-side of the single. It is out now through DFA Records and can be purchases in the DFA webstore.