Collecting tips + products

Collecting tips + products
Ikea mods for vinyl addicts

Online, you can find a bunch of cool Ikea cabinet hacks just for vinyl collectors. Here’ s a few of them:



Showcase your sleeves with this Expedit hack –



Record Close Up-798412


Open cabinet with modded legs –





Record console / cabinet –

Vinyl related tips

Milkcrate is a must for any collector who wants to keep their collection up-to-date to avoid buying duplicates. It has a cool scanning feature for barcodes and integrates with the database, so you can quickly and easily add details about your vinyl.

Other features:
– Offline wantlist/collection viewing
– Detailed release info (notes, format, credits, company and etc.)
– Browse/search your entire wantlist/collection
– View record current market value




HIphile record storage


Colored Vinyl Records put together a list of 27 practical, dedicated vinyl record storage and shelving solutions for storing your highly prized vinyl collection, covering a large range of price and style, for both US and European markets. You can read about them on the Colored Vinyl Records blog.