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Xiu Xiu share new video for ‘It Comes Out as a Joke’

It Comes Out as a Joke is the final act of the audiovisual trilogy created by Xiu Xiu to accompany their latest LP ‘Girl with Basket of Fruit’. Performance artists Ron Athey and Elliot Reed, band members Jamie Stewart and Angela Seo and others who were all featured in Acts I & II (Scisssssssors and Pumpkin Attack on Mommy […]

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Xiu Xiu and (r) announce split 7″ of ZZ Top covers

Xiu Xiu and (r) have announced a split 7”” of ZZ Top covers, out December 8th via Polyvinyl. Xiu Xiu takes on the classic “Sharp Dressed Man,” subverting the hyper-masculine energy of the original into a noisy, manic free for all. The Italian group (r) offer a minimal, subtly creeping take on “Gimme All Your […]

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Xiu Xiu shares ‘Forget’ video

Pop experimentalists Xiu Xiu have shared a new video for the title track from their most recent album, ‘FORGET’. The video stars Xiu Xiu’’s Angela Seo as a performer who continually gets heckled by an audience member before brawling with her while the crowd looks on. Seo says, ““I find working in the entertainment industry […]

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Xiu Xiu shares new ‘Jenny GoGo’ video

Xiu Xiu have shared their weird, fantastic new animated video for “Jenny GoGo,” a new song lifted from the band’s upcoming new album, ‘FORGET’. “Jenny GoGo” merges Dada-esque absurdity, brooding atmosphere, and infectious earworms. The video was directed by Victor Belozerov. Watch the video via YouTube below. ‘FORGET’ is out Febuary 24th via Polyvinyl Record Company. The band previously released “Wondering” […]

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Xiu Xiu announces ‘Xiu Xiu Plays The Music of Twin Peaks’ for Record Store Day 2016

Xiu Xiu has announced ‘Xiu Xiu Plays The Music of Twin Peaks,’ a full length release featuring reworkings of the classic TV show songs. It will be released exclusively on Record Store Day (April 16) via Polyvinyl in North America and Bella Union in the UK & Europe. Xiu Xiu have shared the reimagining of “Falling,” the show’’s iconic theme, and you can take […]