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Your Pretend Boyfriend is an electronic glitchgaze / post-punk project created by Cameron S. who combines distorted beats and twisted samples on tracks like the eerie and infectious Trapped Under Frozen Lakes and the no-nonsense stomp of Schizophrenia juxtaposed to the electronic shoegaze experimentalism of Anti-Matter and spine-tingling darkness of When I Close My Eyes, I Picture Myself Dying.

Your Pretend Boyfriend’s genesis was the creation of a remix for the debut single of British “NYLON” indie rockers LECAIN (now named Commissar). LECAIN subsequently released the ‘Suffocate Me EP’ featuring the Your Pretend Boyfriend Deconstructed Mix of the title track through Rough Trade Records and iTunes.

Following the successful release of the LECAIN remix, Cameron was asked to write two original soundtracks for British / Swedish fashion designers Pudel for their Stockholm, Copenhagen, Los Angeles, and New York runway shows. In his Toronto, Canada-based home studio, Cameron started recording demo tracks and created an online presence for Your Pretend Boyfriend. After finishing the runway soundtracks and writing a number of new songs, Cameron entered the studio to record an arsenal of tracks including Hammer Drill Poison, Schizophrenia, and Trapped Under Frozen Lakes.

Your Pretend Boyfriend draws influences from Joy Division, Ladytron, My Bloody Valentine, The Knife, Adult., Cold Cave, and Sonic Youth.

They have also completed remixes for Caribou’s track ‘Sun’ from their album ‘Swim’, Peter Gabriel’s ‘Games Without Frontiers’, and Rodeo Massacre’s ‘Zombies of Life’.


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