Boys Noize announces Snoop Dogg collaboration on new album

Boys Noize Photo Credit: Michael Maier
Photo Credit: Michael Maier

Boys Noize will release his third full-length album ‘Out Of The Black’ on October 16th via Boysnoize Records in the US and album includes a collaboration with Snoop Dogg on the closing track, Got It.

According to the label, the new album perfectly bridges the gap between his previous two efforts ‘Oi Oi Oi’ and ‘POWER’; providing the requisite in-your-face electro bang of classic Boys Noize on tracks like What You Want, Rocky 2 and XTC, or more melodic songs like Ich R U and Reality. At a time when mainstream electronic music, particularly the pervasive cultures of EDM and dubstep, have moved dance music out of the clubs and into the stadiums, Ridha is quick to acknowledge the old school house and acid records that shaped him as a DJ; the very same records that continue to bubble up as an influence on ‘Out Of The Black’.

Track list:

01. What You Want
02. XTC
03. Missile
04. Ich R U
05. Rocky 2
06. Circus Full Of Clowns feat. GIZZLE
07. Conchord feat. Siriusmo
08. Touch It
09. Reality
10. Merlin
11. Stop
12. Got It feat. Snoop Dogg

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