Boys Noize releases ‘Snowden’ movie music video

Boys Noize

On his fourth studio album, ‘Mayday,’ Boys Noize confronts the life-invasive topics of surveillance and freedom. Boys Noize, in collaboration with Oliver Stone, references these issues in the official video for Mayday. In addition to new Boys Noize score compositions, Mayday is featured in the movie ‘Snowden’ and its video contains exclusive footage from the film, which is in theatres now. You can watch the video clip via YouTube below.

Frequent Boys Noize collaborators LIL INTERNET and Susboy created the music video for the album title track, which combines ‘Snowden’ film footage with public global surveillance camera footage, and startling NSA facts. In earlier statements, Alex Ridha, AKA Boys Noize said this: “The album title Mayday refers, appropriately, to the international distress signal. “Mayday is my warning signal against blind categorization and conformist synchronization,” says Ridha. “A call for individuality and diversity – and a tribute to outsiders.”

‘Mayday’ track listing:

01. Overthrow
02. Mayday
03. Dynamite (feat. Benga)
04. Rock The Bells
05. Euphoria (feat. Remy Banks)
06. 2 Live
07. Would You Listen
08. Midnight
09. Starchild (feat. Poliça)
10. Midnight
11. Los Niños
12. Hardkotzen
13. Birthday (feat. Hudson Mohawke & Spank Rock)

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