Being Dead shares new single ‘Hot Car’

Being Dead shares new single ‘Hot Car’

Being Dead press shot

Being Dead has shared their new track, Hot Car. You can take a listen via Soundcloud below.

Being Dead is made up of a couple o’ freaks in the heart of Texas. Multi-instrumentalists Juli Keller and Cody Dosier started playing music together in 2016, but Being Dead didn’t take its true form until the following year, when they decided to stake out a 2-person operation. Keller and Dosier share instrument duties, swapping between vox, keys, guitar, and percussion, the end result a lo-fi creep-rock experimentation at the intersection of brash and melodic. Sharing a passion for blood and darkness explored through a playful sound, the duo offers a fresh look at hell.

Nightwatchers announce signing to Lövely Records + debut album

Nightwatchers announce signing to Lövely Records + debut album

Nightwatchers press photo

Nightwatchers have announced their signing to Lövely Records. The french band will release their debut album ‘La Paix ou le Sable’ on April 12th. Nightwatchers have toured Europe repeatedly and released two EPs during the last couple of years. The upcoming album ‘La Paix ou le Sable’ deals with the decolonization wars of the French Colonial Empire, highlighting a side of French History that sometimes remains unknown, poorly known, or even denied. 

Nightwatchers said about the signing, “We’re very pleased to present you Fellah’s Temptation, first “post-punk-ish” single of our first album. “La Paix ou le Sable” focuses on the decolonization wars of the French Colonial Empire. Appeal to the population, Algeria, 1954. “A terrible misfortune will descend upon the rebels’ heads, after which the French peace will reign again.”

The album contains 14 tracks of highly energetic and melodically punk rock filled with influences from proto-punk, post-punk and dark-wave. The first single Fellah’s Temptation is out now on all digital platforms and album pre-order is available via Freight Train. Listen to the single via Bandcamp below.

Nightwatchers La Paix ou le Sable cover artwork
Nightwatchers La Paix ou le Sable cover artwork

Live dates

08/03 – Lausanne (CH)
09/03 – Nurnberg (DE)

19/04 – Toulouse (FR) Release party!

03/05 – Saint-Etienne (FR)
04/05 – Zurich (CH)
05/05 – Olomouc (CZ) 
06/05 – Wien (AT)
07/05 – Bratislava (SK)
08/05 – Praha (CZ)
09/05 – Leipzig (DE)
10/05 – Strausberg (DE)
11/05 – Bremen (DE)
12/05 – Hamburg (DE)
15/05 – Mannheim (DE)
16/05 – TBA
17/05 – Lille (FR)
18/05 – Orléans (FR)
30/05 – Nantes (FR)
31/05 – Rennes (FR)

01/06 – Campeneac (FR)
07/06 – Paris (FR) @ This Is My Fest

31/08 – Chaulgnes (FR) @ Festival EUL’SKALI

Greys share new track ‘These Things Happen’

Greys share new track ‘These Things Happen’

Greys promo picture

Toronto quartet Greys are announcing their third LP, ‘Age Hasn’t Spoiled You,’ (due out via Carpark on May 10th), an album on which the rate of the band’s evolution appears to be speeding up rather than slowing down. This is immediately evident on the album’s first single, These Things Happen. Take a listen to the track via Soundcloud below.

At turns buzzy and blown out, then sweetly melodic, Greys frontman, Shehzaad Jiwani, sites influences as varied as The Chemical Brothers, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, The Beastie Boys, and Madonna’s late ’90s hit Beautiful Stranger, on a track that warps and distorts Greys off the floor performances with a collection of experimental studio techniques. Opening with an effect-laden guitar loop and ending with a sample from a PBS documentary about the Black Panthers, the single presents a wide array of sonic textures as Jiwani’s lyrics explore his admiration for the political movements of the 1960s and his frustration with the way communication between fundamentally like-minded people is clouded and polarized within his internet-adapted generation, as Jiwani explains to The FADER:

“This song is about perspective and understanding during chaotic times,” says Jiwani. “I wanted to superimpose the socially and spiritually conscious energy of the late 60s onto our current political climate and the pervasive numbness people can feel towards opposing viewpoints when they are exhausted by their news feeds. There’s so much information that you stop hearing what people might be saying. I was watching and reading lots of material about the Black Panthers, the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War protests and how that dovetailed with the rise of psychedelic drugs at the time, and how these two things could lead towards some common ground between politically polarized entities by simply trying to hear both sides out. You can feel incensed to rebel against something while also yearning for a deeper understanding of your neighbours at the same time.”

Greys’ ‘Age Hasn’t Spoiled You’ will be released via Carpark on May 10th. It is available for purchase here

Greys Age Hasn't Spoiled You cover

Track list
1. A-440
2. Arc Light
3. Constant Pose
4. These Things Happen
5. Kill Appeal
6. Western Guilt
7. Tangerine 
8. Aphantasia
9. Burning Chrome
10. Shelley Duval In 3 Women
11. Static Beach

Greys were last heard from in 2016 when they released their second album, ‘Outer Heaven’An album Pitchfork described as “a most welcome reminder of indie rock’s iconoclastic potential,” it was a multi-faceted release that jumped off in surprising new directions from the sound that had inspired regular comparisons to the Touch & Go catalog around the band’s earlier releases. It marked Greys out as a different beast than many of their contemporaries in the prodigious Toronto scene that birthed them – restlessly experimental and difficult to pin down, endlessly inventive, politically aware and cerebral, confrontational but thoughtful, with a penchant for clear-eyed self-examination – ‘Outer Heaven’ made plain that Greys are a group with ambitions distinct from your average punk band, who delight in confounding expectations.

Oslo-punks Wet Dreams reveal new single ‘Radioactivity’

Oslo-punks Wet Dreams reveal new single ‘Radioactivity’

Wet Dreams

Norway’s power-punks Wet Dreams have shared a brand new single titled Radioactivity, which will be the final taster of their debut self-titled album due for release on March 29th via Black Pop Records.

Sebastian Ulstad Olsen of Wet Dreams (and Death By Unga Bunga) described the track as, “about everything that’s wrong with rock’n’roll in Norway today. Please use more than 5 minutes on songwriting numb nuts! It’s also named after a really great band from Texas”. Take a listen via Soundcloud below.

1, Band Aid
2, Her
3, Radioactivity
4, Depression
5, Roliglata
6, Bad Boy
7, Boogie
8, Blueslata
9, Beautiful
10, I Told You / Drugs

Wet Dreams previously released the brilliant single Boogie, which Ulstad Olsen of Wet Dreams explained the influences behind: “This song basically wrote itself. I’ve been a fan of raunchy and heavily distorted Boogie Rock since I first heard Guitar Wolf.”Listen to previous single Boogie.

The band announced the album with the storming single Bad Boy along with a video that songwriter Sebastian Ulstad Olsen of Wet Dreams said was, “…filmed in the deep forests of our beloved Østfold, Norway, this is the site for a secret festival happening every year. If you know, you know…”

More about Wet Dreams

Wet Dreams were consummated in an Oslo basement, when Death By Unga Bunga frontman Sebastian Ulstad Olsen had conceived a few bastard songs he did not know what to do with. The songs grew into a fast and scruffy EP, released in the summer of 2017 – and now the self-titled debut album is finally here.

Wet Dreams is a punk rock/garage group from Oslo consisting of members from FOAMMM, Warp Riders, De Marvells as well as the aforementioned Death By Unga Bunga. They played one of their first ever concerts at Norway’s biggest festival, Øya in 2017, which lead to them being highlighted by NME as one of the best discoveries from the event where they described them as being for fans of “The Ramones to The Vaccines” and said their set was like “Motorhead covering The Hives”. In 2018 they have played festivals in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Following the album release in March 2019 the band will tour Norway, Europe and the US.

Wet Dreams recorded the album by themselves, while Øystein Braut (Electric Eye, Dig Deeper, Soft Ride, Low Frequency in Stereo) aced the mixing, birthing an album of gritty, aggressive and ultra-catchy punk rock n roll.

Songwriter Sebastian Ulstad Olsen had this to say on the sound of the band:
“Even if the song structures aren’t miles away from the stuff I write in Death By Unga Bunga, I’ve been longing to challenge the recording and production process. I love music that bends the rules, so Wet Dreams is a great laboratory for this purpose.”

The record is about the idea of being – or trying to be – “larger than life” to conceal one’s own insecurities. The collection on the surface may appear a classic testosterone-fueled out-pour, but the lyrics combat this with belief that ultimately we’re all just humans with the same fundamental needs and desires.

Post-rockers Wander share new single ‘Eveleth’

Post-rockers Wander share new single ‘Eveleth’

Wander promo
Photo Credit: Ishan Ghosal

Wander have been turning heads with their honest and refreshing take on post-rock. The all Filipino band have long been a treasured secret of the Bay Area’s music scene, but with their forthcoming album ‘March’. Ahead of the album, the band have shared the second single Eveleth. Take a listen via Soundcloud below.

Wander’s new record confirms without a doubt their place in the cannon of influential post-rock artists. Across ‘March,’ the band demonstrate their mastery of loud-quiet dynamics, building and releasing tension with sweeping, gorgeous melodies. Perfectly capturing the sense of euphoria that drew so many to the genre in the early 90’s, Wander are poised to inspire a new generation of fans.

The band’s sound is as dynamic as their record collection, citing luminaries like Explosions in the Sky and Toe as well as fellow Bay Area artists Deafheaven and Loma Prieta as influences. With performances alongside like minded artists Tricot and El Ten Eleven, as well as rising indie acts Jay Som and No Vacation, Wander have honed a sound that is captured perfectly by producer Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Joyce Manor, Jeff Rosenstock) on March.

‘March’ will be released via the band’s Headless Queen Records digitally and on vinyl on March 1st, 2019.