Dusty Mush release ‘Cheap Entertainment’ LP this week

Dusty Mush

Dusty MushDusty Mush will release their new LP ‘Cheap Entertainment’, on May 26 (co-released with Stolen Body Rds and Yippee Ki Yay Rds).

‘Cheap Entertainment’ is LP about pizzas, skateboarding and killing time in Melun, a not-so-interesting city near Paris where the trio is based. It’s straight-up, fuzzed-up garage punk – somewhere between Billy Childish and early Ty Segall.

Cedric Bottacchi, the singer / guitarist, spent almost three years working on the recording of this one, endlessly experimenting the limits of lofi recording, which resulted in quite a unique signature sound, elevated to a new level by Patrick Haight’s brillant mastering (Bare Wires, Ty Segall, Personal & the Pizzas, etc).

The band’s bassist, Romain Duplessier (aka The Attic Video) also specializes in VHS-edited videos, and did a buch of them to support the release, here’s a few of them:

For more information on Dusty Mush, visit facebook.com/DustyMush.