Electro duo Tempers teeter between darkwave and synthpop on ‘Guidance’

Tempers press photo

Electro-pop duo Tempers have shared a new single titled Guidance, which is lifted from their forthcoming album for Dais Records, titled ‘Private Life’. Pooling inspiration from dark indie, electronica, and synth pop, ‘Private Life’ is the prime distillation of Tempers’ three albums’ worth of output. the duo’s darkwave, ice-cold strain of electronica writhes in the shadows of disco and the glimmer of goth. Listen to their latest single Guidance via YouTube below. 

Following the release of their mall concept album ‘Junkspace’ (BMG Germany), featuring famed architect Rem Koolhaas, and a European tour selling out shows in Berlin (Berghain), London and Warsaw – Tempers return with ‘Private Life,’ a poised continuation of their cinematic aesthetic, taking on moodier, more introspective landscapes. ‘Private Life’ will be released via Dais Records on October 25. Preorder a copy here

Tempers Private Life cover artwork

Private Life’ track listing

1. Capital Pains

2. Leonard Cohen Afterworld

3. Peace Of Mind

4. Filters

5. Daydreams60

6. Guidance

7. Push Pull

8. More Than You Realized

9. Sleep

10. Exit