Funeral Lakes release self-titled debut album

Funeral Lakes press photo
Photo credit: Katerina Zoumboulakis

Funeral Lakes have released their self-titled debut album which sounds like the offspring of The Velvet Underground and Arcade Fire. Listen to Anthropocene Dream from the album via Bandcamp below.

Chris and Sam started Funeral Lakes in the spring of 2018, self-producing / recording music in our apartment in Vancouver, B.C. and now in Toronto, Ontario.

Just before that, Chris spent half a decade working in politics, but departed for the same reasons he got involved. Sam was also feeling disheartened by the lack of action, so together we sought a creative medium to share our fears and frustrations. They went for a long walk, bought a microphone, learned how to use Ableton, and set out making music about things that matter to them.

Most of the ideas for their songs are drawn from our lived experiences as millennials in the Anthropocene. An asthma attack induced by forest fires in B.C. prompted on song, while participating in a protest against a pipeline expansion would inspire another. Even in the safety of your bed, scrolling through your newsfeed can send you teetering between hysterics of laughter and misery – it’s difficult to feel okay about what lies ahead. They decided to set our generational malaise to music and embark on a rocking quest of reflection/healing/riffs.