Haley Blais shares her latest single ‘Seventeen’

Haley Blais

Haley Blais has released Seventeen, the new single off her ‘Let Yourself Go’ EP, is an homage to her painfully average adolescence. Everyone goes through different phases growing up, trying to figure themselves out, and her’s could easily be categorized as boring. She was lazy and dull with awful taste in music. Now, she’s in a band with her friends touring the country, playing the music that she loves – as a job! That’s the opposite of boring to her. The video for Seventeen encapsulates how she’s exactly where she’s always wanted to be. Watch it via YouTube below. 

Haley and her band will be performing at Vancouver’s incredible SKOOKUM Festival this September.

For more information on Haley Blaise, visit haley-blais.com.