New Spell share ‘Home’ single + music video

New Spell press photo

San Francisco-based indie-pop duo New Spell have announced instalment three of its ‘Of Time‘ EP series with the single and music video, Home. This particular release is an important addition to New Spell’s catalog as its mesmerizing synth-based sound points the way to the future of the group who now operate officially as a two-piece plus a producer. Check out the video clip for Home via YouTube below.

New single, Home, is lushly dramatic, replete with stacked vocal harmonies, entrancing atmospherics, futuristic beats, and bold glitch textures. The song offers forth poignant uplift with impactful lyrics such as: “Need the hope in your heart – shadows to art, some kind of home” and “Hate don’t exist where I hope to live and love does not surrender.” In the music video by visual artist Japhy Riddle, retro aesthetics blend with beautifully dystopian images that feel eerily reminiscent of our own screen-filled world. “Home is about finding hope, creativity, and meaning despite the futility of life and the anxiety of impending destruction both from within and without…or something like that,” Leanne says, trailing off with a laugh.

“Music is really magical to me – it’s motivational and it’s a way to connect,” shares Leanne Kelly, primary songwriter of New Spell. “When I was thinking of band names, I wanted something that conveyed music as having this mysterious force.”

New Spell – which also features drummer Jake Frautschi and producer Max Savage – is known for lavish indie pop that has led to comparisons to Beach House, Chromatics, Goldfrapp, and Psychic Twin. The group released its first EP in 2011 but rebooted in 2016, changing from an indie band format into its current sleek, electro-tinged variation. New Spell still relies on its sharp, pop-informed songwriting, but it textures these songs with layers of synth bass, glitchy passages, and a rich tapestry of vibey vintage and modern synth sounds.

The ‘Of Time‘ EP series is highly conceptual. Throughout this body of work, Leanne explores the passing of time through a variety of angles while also delving into the impact of the digital age, climate change, and current socio-cultural trends on our lives and our mental health. Her perspectives here are uniquely informed by her master’s degree level of study in psychotherapy.