Weekly addiction: Hopefully you still love vinyl as much as us

Keep vinyl alive
The digital age is definitely here, and I am a big iTunes user to download my favourite new tracks. I also see the value in sliding a record out of its sleeve and popping it onto my turntable to give it a listen; nothing beats the rich sound of a fresh piece of vinyl.

For those of you still interested in vinyl, there is a resource to order vinyl and CDs that is invaluable – musicstack.com. Think of it as the eBay of music. It is an amazing place to find and purchase vinyl…we love hunting away on this site.

Here are some of our other favourite vinyl-friendly shops:
Rotate This!
Kops Records
Rough Trade
Discovery Records
Sister Ray
Criminal Records

Want to learn more about the history of vinyl, go here.

Happy hunting. Keep vinyl alive.

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