Have A Nice Life announce new album, ‘Sea of Worry’

Have A Nice Life press photo

Enigmatic post-punk duo Have A Nice Life have announced the follow-up to their 2014 album ‘The Unnatural World‘. On the new LP titled ‘Sea of Worry,’ Dan Barrett and Tim Macuga have revived their unrelenting, stark sound with seven new tracks. The album’s first single, its title track, calls upon all the hallmarks of Have A Nice Life’s inimitable sound—driving percussion, tempestuous vocals, and reverb-soaked guitar leads. Take a listen via YouTube below.

Dan Barrett and Tim Macuga formed Have A Nice Life in the early aughts while studying at the University of Massachusetts. Bonded by the goal of creating “oddly aggressive acoustic songs,” they spent five years tinkering with their anguished 2008 debut ‘Deathconsciousness‘. The world would wait until 2014 for the LP’s follow-up, titled ‘The Unnatural World‘ that cemented the band’s place in the experimental canon. Following up an anniversary performance of ‘Deathconsciouness’ at Roadburn Festival in The Netherlands, Have A Nice Life are ready to gift the world with new material in the form of ‘Sea of Worry’. Comprised of ideas both new and old, the album tackles the cataclysmic change and, yes, unrelenting worry that colors Barrett’s and Macuga’s lives. More concise and perhaps more straightforward than their past releases, Have A Nice Life have found new focus and discipline on ‘Sea of Worry’. 

‘Sea of Worry’ will be released via The Flenser on November 8th, 2019. Preorders are available here.