HTRK announce North American tour + debut album vinyl release


HTRK return to North America for the first time since 2011 in support of their 2014 album, ‘Psychic 9-5 Club’. Dates include New York and LA, plus Festival NRMAL in Mexico City on March 1. Listen to ‘Psychic 9-5 Club’ via Soundcloud below.

North American tour dates:

02.21 – A Ship In The Woods – San Diego, CA
02.22 – Part Time Punks – The Echo, LA
02.25 – Elbo Room – San Francisco, CA
02.26 – Smart Bar – Chicago, IL
03.01 – Festival NRMAL – Mexico City
03.03 – Baby’s All Right – New York, NY
03.04 – Nothing Changes @ Home Sweet Home – New York, NY
03.05 – Bardot – Miami, FL
03.06 – CAMH – Houston, TX

Ghostly International along with Mistletone announce the first vinyl pressing of HTRK’s 2009 album ‘Marry Me Tonight’. Like all three HTRK albums, ‘Marry Me Tonight’ is singular in sound and circumstance. It’s the only album the outfit recorded from start to finish as a trio, and it’s the only HTRK record that bears the co-production stamp of Rowland S. Howard. Breathy, caustic and rife with contradiction, ‘Marry Me Tonight’ took the raw material recorded on 2005’s ‘Nostalgia’ and transformed it into a pop record—pop that buckled and warped beneath the glare of Howard, fellow producer Lindsay Gravina and the HTRK trio: Jonnine Standish, Nigel Yang and Sean Stewart. Howard died at the end of 2009; Stewart died the year after. Things would never be the same. Listen to ‘Marry Me Tonight’ via Bandcamp below.


‘Marry Me Tonight,’ which originally came out on Blast First Petite digitally and on CD, will receive its first full vinyl pressing in 2015 via Ghostly International worldwide and Mistletone in Australia. The album will land on April 28 accompanied by a 20-page booklet of photos and liner notes written by people who were around at the time of its recording and touring—Conrad Standish, producer Lindsay Gravina, Yeah Yeah Yeahs’s Nick Zinner, Angus Andrew of Liars, Danielle De Picciotto, Genevieve McGuckin—and others for whom the record holds a special significance, like Jim Haynes and Regis (real name Karl O’Connor). There will be two versions, one pressed on translucent magenta vinyl and another in standard black. “HTRK possess an originality and mystery worthy of obsession and scrutiny,” writes Zinner in his liner notes, “for their beautiful and damaged sound is truly, and thankfully, their own.”



01. HA
02. Rentboy
03. Your Mistress Turns To Dust
04. Kiss Before The Fall
05. Waltz Real Show
06. Panties
07. Shoot You Up
08. Fascinator
09. Disco


Pre-order ‘Marry Me Tonight’ here.

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