Justice and Midnight Juggernauts…not quite…

Justice cross

Last night, Justice were playing in Toronto with Midnight Juggernauts at Circa – we were guestlisted but the show was insanely over-booked and to make a long protracted story shorter, they didn’t have room on the guestlist in the end; so no Justice / MJ for us!

After getting ‘punked’ by the guestlist police, I started walking along John and then Queen with my buddy Andrew (he’ll be throwing down some dance tunes soon for your ears), we had a few drinks at Shanghai Cowgirl until just before midnight. At that point, I started on my way home…navigating the streetcar tracks construction which forces you to detour even on foot. While navigating the yellow construction fence maze at Queen and Bathurst, I met my friend Jay and she was going to Rok Boutique on Bathurst Street. I hadn’t been yet and wanted to check it out, so I joined her for a drink. RB is a great bar for the rock scenesters (nice interior, small patio, intimate space inside) – the dj also spun some Joy Division, Sisters of Mercy, Placebo and PWEI, which put a smile on my face. I’ll definitely have to check it out another night!

Later today, we’re in rehearsals for our Spin Gallery set on Thursday Oct 25th, 2007. We’ll definitely be making a post after rehearsal is done!

Cameron S.

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