Neon Indian releases remix EP

Neon Indian

Neon Indian will release a remix EP, “ERRATA ANEX, on April 9th via Mom + Pop. The EP features remixes of tracks from the last album, “Era Extraña, and includes reworkings by Actress, Boyd Rice, Optimo, Twin Shadow & Patten. The title, ERRATA ANEX, is an anagram of “Era Extraña” and so the mis-spelling of annex is intentional (it means “complied errors”).

Alan Palomo explains how “ERRATA ANEX came together: “These remixes are a small collection found along the way of my year on the road while we were touring ‘Era Extraña’. The artists were chosen by whatever most consistently blared out of my headphones that Fall and what I was most giddy to hear an amalgamation of from the songs I was playing live, and the artists I’d listen to later that night. If imitation is the highest form of flattery, then total re-imagination from song scraps must be something far more warm, mutant, and mutual. I hope you enjoy them.”

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Track listing:

1. Polish Girl (Optimo Mix)
2. Halogen (Boyd Rice Remix)
3. Heart Release (Patten Remix)
4. Blindside Kiss (Actress Remix)
5. Hex Girlfriend (Twin Shadow)  

Listen to Boyd Rice’s very weirded out remix of Halogen via Soundcloud below.

Neon Indian will be playing some upcoming DJ sets – list of dates are below.

04/05 Chicago, IL @ The Mid (DJ Set)
04/10 Los Angeles, CA @ The Standard Downtown (DJ Set)
04/20 Philadelphia, PA @ The Dolphin (DJ Set)

For more information on Neon Indian, visit

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  1. The remixes are garbage. They aren’t an homage to such a lovely album, they don’t recognize the mood within and capitalize on it to expand the textural ride, they loosely sample and then fall flat on their mediocre faces with the material.

    The lead singer may dig it, but if so I would argue he has poor taste in music or this is simply a lame promotional attempt to reignite interest. Remixes admittedly tend to fall to the side of their original material, this is true, but these are pure crap to the point of being unlistenable.

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