Sid Vicious gets venerated on recordings featuring The Damned’s Rat Scabies

Sid Vicious My Way cover artwork

Nobody embodied the spirit, ethos and attitude of punk rock better than Sid Vicious. As the bass guitarist for Sex Pistols’ from 1977 until the band’s dissolution a year later and a solo career that found him annihilating stages on both sides of the pond, Vicious transformed audience expectations of what a rock musician was supposed to be both on and off the stage. Toward the end of his tragically short career, Sid’s legendary live shows frequently found him revamping garage rock classics and pop standards with his trademark punk attitude. He did them, just like everything else Sid Vicious ever did, his way.

Now, a special vinyl release of some of Sid’s most ferocious performances has been put together with help from Sid’s contemporaries. Working from vocal outtakes of Vicious belting out Sinatra’s signature tune My Way and The Monkees’ classic (I’m Not Your) Stepping Stone, The Damned’s Rat Scabies and Johnny Thunders’ bandmate Walter Lure have revitalized these treasured recordings offering a stark reminder of just how charismatic and influential Vicious was. In addition, Scabies has created both a brand new mix of My Way as well as a unique track featuring some Sid studio banter.

Scabies proclaims, “Working with Sid was always a laugh, often stimulating and sometimes illegal, so it was good to be able to work on these tracks to remind myself of his intellect and humour.”

12” track list
Side A
1. My Way with Rat Scabies
2. (I’m Not Your) Stepping Stone with Walter Lure

Side B
1. It’s Sh*t with Rat Scabies
2. My Way with Rat Scabies (Yacht Mix)
Bonus track
3. Stormtrooper – I’m A Mess

7” track list
Side A
1. My Way with Rat Scabies

Side B
2. It’s Sh*t with Rat Scabies

‘My Way’ will be released on two limited edition formats, a 7” in red or blue vinyl and a 12” in either pink or gold. 

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Digital version:

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