The Sisterhood reissue ‘Gift’ album

The Sisterhood

London Independent Cadiz Music in conjunction with Merciful Release has announced that a re-mastered version of the ‘Gift’ album by The Sisterhood will be re-issued on the May 26th, 2023. The Sisterhood is the musical project formed by Andrew Eldritch after the demise of The Sisters of Mercy.

Originally released via Eldritch’s own Merciful Release label in 1986, the album will now be available digitally, on CD, cassette and limited clear vinyl and features five tracks including the extended mix of the band’s first single Giving Ground. 

The Sisterhood Gift album cover

‘Gift’ track listing

01. Jihad

02. Colours

03. Giving Ground

04. Finland Red, Egypt White

05. Rain From Heaven


Following the musical split of The Sisters Of Mercy after their show at Royal Albert Hall, Andrew Eldritch formed The Sisterhood in early 1986 together with Alan Vega (Suicide), Lucas Fox (Motorhead), Patricia Morrison (Sisters Of Mercy), James Ray (Gangwar) and Doktor Avalanche (the Sisters’ drum machine) – hurriedly beating his former band mates Craig Adams and Wayne Hussey for control of the Sisterhood name. 

Due to legal conditions, Eldritch could not sing on the album so James Ray, took on vocal duties while Lucas Fox contributed the spoken word part on Rain From Heaven and Patricia Morrison uttered the infamous “2 – 5 – 0 – 0 – 0” vocal intro on Jihad.

The original Giving Ground single (No 1 in the UK Independent Charts on it’s release) is expanded to a seven minute long take here while the lyrics of Finland Red Egypt White are taken from the manual of the AK-47 machine gun and a version of Colours was later included as a bonus track on CD versions The Sisters of Mercy album ‘Floodland’ in 1987 only this time sung by Andrew Eldritch. 

Reflecting on The Sisterhood later, Eldritch stated: “The Sisterhood album was a weapon in this corporate war. That’s why I called it Gift (in German: poison) But I still like the record. It’s weird but it’s fine. I see it as a techno record. Or what I thought to be techno at the time.” 

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