New Candys announce album ‘Vyvyd’ + share single ‘Twin Mime’

New Candys press photo
New Candys by Jancy Buffington

Italian post-punk group New Candys have announced ‘Vyvyd,’ their fourth album, which will be out June 4th via Little Cloud Records and Dischi Sotterranei, along with an exclusive vinyl edition through Fuzz Club (album pre-order). ‘Vyvyd’ is a boundary-pushing synthesis of dark, psychedelic post-punk and shoegaze. Along with the announcement, the band has also shared Twin Mime (buy/stream), the dark, throbbing lead single lifted from the album. Twin Mime toys with the idea of duality, the connection between action and consequence, between who we really are and how we try to come off, and how we sometimes end up fooling ourselves. Watch the video for Twin Mime via YouTube.

‘Vyvyd’ album details

Recorded at Fox Studio in the bands’ native Venice by Andrea Volpato, and mixed and mastered by Grammy award-winning producers Tommaso Colliva (Calibro 35, The Jesus And Mary Chain) and Giovanni Versari, ‘Vyvyd’ combines brilliantly-produced, noisy, brooding sounds with distinct melodies while displaying a dynamic and symbiotic connection between their music and meticulously crafted visual imagery. It ties together its visual and lyrical themes, which are carefully crafted with both hidden and subliminal messages. The artwork goes hand in hand with the music and the lyrics, which culls together religious, pagan and archetypal symbols, which have been distorted through the bands’ own lens, including a New Candys-themed set of Tarot cards.

“I’ve started to sketch some songs for the record during a very tumultuous period for the band, with many line-up changes between the end of 2017 until mid 2018, but as soon as the new line-up formed, the excitement to create new music together was overwhelming, and helped the creative process immensely” says frontman Fernando Nuti.

The record was written and recorded in different sessions, fragmented over two years from 2018 to 2020, in between tours. “There was an urgency for us to evolve, to find a new chemistry and to convert it into something creatively fulfilling, something that could surprise us. The aim was to expand our sound into new territories, everyone in the band brought new ideas and influences to the table. We dived deeply into digital recording techniques, embracing them, using loops, real and virtual synths and drum machines, balancing them with the dirty analog sound the band always had”.

‘Vyvyd’ concentrates on vocal melodies, has more choruses and includes electronic elements that have significantly expanded their sonic palette making it more vast, rich and fuller than ever before. “We also looked for a danceable element this time, that’s something we’ve always loved and wanted to explore further”. In a way it shares similarities with their debut album, featuring contrasting moments from one extreme to another, with some eerie and penetrating but also intimate and melancholic songs.

The album’s visual and lyrical themes are carefully crafted with both hidden and subliminal messages. “Of course we’re influenced by our own personal lives and the world around us, but we have always considered our music to be devoted and connected to visions and images, inspired by dreams and nightmares rather than reality, so ‘Vyvyd’ is a reference to this aspect. Vivid memories, vivid colors, sonically speaking our ideas and goals are clearer than ever”.

New Candys Vyvyd album cove4 artwork

Vyvyd’ track listing
1. Twin Mime
2. Zyko
3. Factice
4. Begin Again
5. Evil Evil
6. Vyvyan Rising
7. Helluva Zoo
8. The Clockmaker
9. Q&K
10. Snake Eat Snake

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