Premiere: All Hallowed share video for ‘Haunt’

All Hallowed press photo
Photo by Zac Fisher

Dayton, Ohio’s All Hallowed will release their third single, Haunt, on March 31. All Hallowed are a bass/vox/drums dance punk powerhouse comprised of Ricky and Lacey Terrell that emerges from a Rust Belt backdrop of industrial decline and urban decay. You can check out the video for Haunt ahead of its release via YouTube below.

“Throughout life it’s always easy to fall back into previously extinguished behaviors, even if that routine is destructive,” Lacey Terrell says. “We have to continue to better ourselves and our circumstances.”

 “As a human who will always be destined to destroy beauty in pursuit of progress, it is important that our bad decisions help guide us to a more equitable future,” Ricky Terrell adds.

Although the song was almost left on the cutting room floor due to its slower tempo, Haunt offers a grimy strut and stomp that embodies All Hallowed’s bold, fuzz-damaged approach. Listeners are sure to hear nuanced nods to everyone from The Dead Weather to Yeah Yeah Yeahs here.

All Hallowed recruited Aaron Gillespie (of Underoath, The Almost) who recorded the drums at his stand alone studio in Utah. Haunt was produced by Denny Cottle and engineered, mixed and mastered by Micah Carli (formerly of Hawthorne Heights) at his Popside studio in Troy, Ohio.

Haunt is the third single lifted from All Hallowed’s forthcoming cassette EP for Friend Club Records, which is out now. Order the cassette here. The band premiered their first single, Kill, in January with Scene Point Blank here and their second single, Lust with Brooklyn Vegan here in February.

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