Brooklyn neo-psych rockers Hanford Reach share single ‘Winston Smith’

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Hanford ReachBrooklyn-based neo-psych rockers Hanford Reach have shared their new single, Winston Smith. You listen to the track via Soundcloud below.

“The song is called ‘Winston Smith,’ based on the protagonist from 1984,” the band’s Chris Sherman shares. “The world really feels like an Orwellian dystopia, where it doesn’t matter what the rational think; big brother is going to win out and shut us down.  I hope that bleakness has been captured here and inspires some hope for change.”

Hanford Reach is a shoegaze hued psych-pop band formed by Sherman and Leah Cinnamon in late 2016 following the dissolution of Sky Picnic. As revealed by Sherman in a recent interview with GroundSounds, “This is also the first material I’ve fully let my lyrics be totally personal. I used to take a year to finish lyrics that carefully created a narrative that dealt with the outside world so as to not expose myself. Removing that veil has opened up new doors and inspired me to write more.”