Independent Label Week announce first wave of participating labels

The inaugural Independent Label Week is taking place from the 9th-15th November and they’ve announced the first wave of labels registered for this worldwide event.

fabric Records 
Hit City USA 
37 Adventures 
Soma Records 
Gearbox Records 
Two Rivers Records 
Sound House Records 
Folkroom Records 
Wah Wah 45s 
Rare Noise Records 
Oh Mercy! Records 
3eme Sexe 
Grebo Records 
Tree Machine 
Geykido Comet Records 
Bleeding Gold Records 
Fishrider Records 
Hope Street Recordings 
DivisionBass Digital 
Creaked Records 
Fox Box Records 
NX Records 
Integrity Records 
Veta Records 
Castles in Space 
Dustpan Recordings 
Beatnik Creative 
Dead Vox 
R*E*P*E*A*T Records 
Sunbird Records 
Warren Records 
The Adult Teeth Recording Company

Independent Label Week is an annual celebration of independent record labels worldwide. Through label-organised special events, releases and more, the primary aim is to encourage audience engagement with their local independent labels, and also to learn more about labels outside of their hometowns.

Labels are invited to register and organise their own special events, releases and more underneath the Independent Label Week banner, which they will promote, advertise and shout about in the weeks up to and including Independent Label Week 2015.

Registration for independent labels is still open for a limited time, via

Details of the Independent Label Week events and releases will be officially announced in October.

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