Peace and Cotton expand and collaborate with Modrobes

Ethical fashion company Peace and Cotton will expand by collaborating with Modrobes and move to a new office in downtown Toronto on October 15, 2011. Continuing production and manufacturing of high end ethical garments, Peace and Cotton’s new location will also warehouse new custom t-shirts, clothing, and print samples.

Peace and Cotton and Modrobes share many of the same values associated with eco-friendly and sustainable fashion. With over two decades of experience in domestic manufacturing and a strong intent to bring high end ethical garments to Canada, the two companies are committed to the local scene and are making strides towards a sustainable future for their customers.

Known for their line of recycled jackets made from plastic bottles and anti-bacterial eucalyptus tree t-shirts, Modrobes is entrenched in the ethically made clothing market. Together, bridging high quality materials and green living, the partnership between Peace and Cotton and Modrobes is a natural progression for both!

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