Anoraak shares sexy French house track ‘Gang’ featuring Sarah Maison

Anoraak press photo
Photo credit: Tamara Seilman

Acclaimed French multi instrumentalist, singer, producer and DJ, former drummer of Pony Pony Run Run, Anoraak (aka Frédéric Rivière) has announced a brand new release (the first in over two years) with the arrival of his new EP ‘Gang’ via Yuksek’s Partyfine label. Listen to the title track via YouTube below.

Featuring the vocal talents of the sultry Sarah Maison, invoking mid tempo 4 to the floor 70’s infused jams. For this EP, Anoraak follows his heart and instinct to get back to his first and long lasting love for disco, letting aside his usual synth tool kit to give place to a rather organic sounding material he lately showed on his latest remixes (for Satin Jackets, Pongo, etc…)

Introducing French for the very first time in Anoraak’s catalogue, Sarah Maison takes us on a sensual, chic and engaging nightly journey. 

The EP includes remixes by Blackjoy (Jérôme Caron) and The Populists (Yan Wagner).