Shoegazers Total Rubbish release debut EP ‘Triple Negative’

Total Rubbish press photo
Photo Credit - Caro Ramirez

Philly’s femme shoegazers Total Rubbish have released their debut EP ‘Triple Negative,’ which is produced by Nick Bassett of Nothing / Whirr / Deafheaven. It’s out now via Born Losers Records. Listen to the ‘Triple Negative’ EP through Bandcamp below.

Check out the video for Honey Ryder via YouTube below.

You can order the cassette here.

More about Total Rubbish?

Total Rubbish is an all-female trio from Philadelphia. Inspired by disappointing relationships, new beginnings, odd-end jobs, and their Chicago & California garage rock roots, Total Rubbish gives you a guitar-heavy wall of sound with soft, melodic vocals. The band pulls their influence from their heroes, The Dandy Warhols, Veruca Salt, & the Velvet Underground, and blends the sounds of the ’90s with their own modern take. The band signed to Born Losers Records during the pandemic of 2020 for the release of their first EP, ‘Triple Negative’. Total Rubbish is Bre Steinfeldt on Bass, Cass Nguyen on Guitar, and Kiki Schiller on drums.

“Total Rubbish came to me as an idea during quarantine. Throughout the past several years, I have been constantly surrounded by musicians and wanted to pursue a project of my own. At the time I was listening to so much late 90’s and early 2000’s rock and pop and wanted to emulate that same sound. ‘Triple Negative’ is our first EP and my first leap into songwriting. The EP itself took about six months to complete – from writing chord progressions in my basement, recording vocals in a friend’s bedroom, to having our parts sent to Oakland, California to be mixed & mastered by our producer, Nick Bassett (previously of Nothing / Whirr / Deafheaven). We were signed to Born Losers in the summer of 2020 and have been rolling with the punches ever since. It has been such a fast, fun & wild journey but I couldn’t have imagined it any other way.