UTO release sophomore LP ‘When all you want to do is be the fire part of fire’

UTO press photo

UTO’s latest album, ‘When all you want to do is be the fire part of fire’, offers a deep dive into creation, relationships, and self-discovery. This record transcends mere sound to explore the fleeting yet impactful essence of music and life. Emile and Neysa of UTO blend their personal and professional lives in their latest album, creating a unique narrative of unity and individuality within their music. ‘When all you want to do is be the fire part of fire’ is a rich tapestry of sound, blending dynamic electronica with elements of post-electronica, indie, and 90s breakbeats. Neysa’s vocals are transformed through Emile’s innovative production, creating a sound that is both familiar and utterly new. 

Tracks like Napkin and 2 Moons showcase the duo’s ability to experiment and evolve, reflecting their internal dialogues and mutual understanding in musical form. Their collaboration with indie-electro artist HSRS on ‘Bredouille’ adds another layer to the album, highlighting their openness to external influences while maintaining their unique sonic identity. Beyond the music, UTO embraces AI, presenting themselves as generated simulations on the album cover, symbolizing their forward-thinking approach. ‘When all you want to do is be the fire part of fire’ is an invitation to experience the duo’s unique vision, a blend of chaos and harmony, and a reflection on life, relationships, and the creative process. Join UTO in their exploration of what it means to truly be the fire part of fire. Check out the visualizer for Napkin via YouTube below.

Check out UTO live at Petit Bains on April 17 – more info here.

Buy the LP / CD / Merch here.

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