Secret Shame share Skinquarter remix of ‘Haunter’

Secret Shame press photo

On the heels of XOR’s remix of Calm that they released last month, they have shared a new Skinquarter remix of Haunter. Skinquarter aka Ricky Olson, the Richmond-based producer and engineer with whom Secret Shame recorded ‘Dark Synthetics’. Listen to Haunter (SKNQTR Remix) via YouTube below or check it out at

‘Dark Synthetics‘ established Secret Shame as a dark sonic force to be reckoned with, spawning the enduring singles Calm, Gift, and Dark which are still as potent today as they were upon release earlier this year. Drawing fitting comparisons to The Cure and early Siouxsie while simultaneously carving out a sound distinctly their own, their songwriting combines the best elements of post-punk, deathrock and goth that harken back to the golden age of 4AD. Their front woman Lena’s harrowing vocals cut through dark atmospheres created by the band’s massive, reverb-laden sound, building to both cathartic and compelling lyrical moments.